About Costata Landscape Design

Colin Marchant is managing partner of Costata Landscape Design and draws upon 25 years of experience in landscaping, including study at Ryde Horticultural College and qualification as a horticulturalist.

The unique feature of a Costata garden is the consideration given to soft landscaping - the selection of beautiful and appropriate plant material for each site in conjunction with well considered hard landscaping elements, and always created in partnership with the garden owners.

Our design process incorporates extensive consultation with the garden owner, a detailed inspection of the property to understand its opportunities and limitations, with the design process culminating in the production of a coloured sketch or detail plans.

This design can become reality through management by Costata Landscape Design or remain with the owner as a proposal for future investment.

 All the projects shown in our gallery started as a Costata Landscape Design either in sketch form or as detailed plans.